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Practising Sitting And Balancing

This afternoon I had a session in the gym with AE, SM and AN; AE wanted to see how well I could balance and support myself sitting on the edge of a plinth (which is what they call the padded table in the gym). SM was sat behind me on a huge ball holding my shoulders and stopping me from falling forward whilst AE was in front trying to stop me from leaning to my left; AN was also in front supporting me as I really have no strength!

I was scared and felt that that I was going to fall flat on my face on the hard floor several times but I knew that these guys knew what they were doing and so I put my trust in them and (hopefully) didn’t show how nervous I was. They kept apologising for manhandling me and I kept telling them that that was the last thing they needed to do.

The outcome was that I need some kind of support or cushion on my left side as I have a strong tendency to lean against the armrest which gets uncomfortable after a while; I left the gym with a pillow shoved down my side and slightly behind my back with the promise that we would do future sessions and get a proper cushion made.

When I got back to my room I realised that I felt really, really exhausted, more so than I have in a long time. Even though I was exhausted and aching a lot from the effort, I did feel a small sense of achievement.