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A Walk To The Coffee Shop

On Thursday, one of my 1-to-1 carers and I walked the half mile or so to the nearest Costa. At lunchtime it was drizzling rain but, fortunately for us, it had stopped by the time we left at 2 o’clock.

I stopped at the bank first and noticed the employee at the door greeting people was not wearing a mask; my carer and I were both wearing masks so it wasn’t a problem, but I was surprised. The lady on the door at Costa was wearing a mask, and the counter had been altered with the addition of clear plastic screens protecting the employees making the drinks.

People sitting inside were seated on every second table with the empty tables providing a buffer to allow social distancing; the empty tables still had chairs under them so navigating through in my wheelchair was a little difficult.

It was great to actually get out of the “house” for a while as I have I’ve only been out one other time since we locked down on March 18th. I enjoyed our time out and my skinny latté and chocolate tiffin went down very easily!

The pavements along the way aren’t the best quality and there are plenty of dips, bumps, and patches of dodgy tarmac; my arm gets tired pushing my chair’s joystick forward for the half-hour-each-way journey and, combined with the constant leaning to correct for the pavement’s changes in level, I was pretty tired by the time we got back.