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A fellow resident has COVID-19

Friday 1st May, 2020

Having reduced lung capacity (due to my curved spine and general slouch) puts me at risk when I have a chest infection or something more severe like pneumonia, and especially so with the current pandemic going on. I’ve had two letters and several text messages from the government telling me “you are at extreme risk.” At first I was a little worried, but as time went on I got used to the new routine of doing even less than usual and not seeing some of my favourite people. Yesterday, however, things changed when we were informed that a resident in the neurological centre I live in has tested positive for COVID-19 – two residents were quarantined when they became ill a week or so ago, but only one has the virus. Those of us with capacity (ie. we can speak for ourselves) are being offered the test and the staff are continuing to wear PPE – they always wear gloves and aprons for things like personal care and assisting with meals, but they have been wearing face masks around most of us for about three weeks.

Speaking to my family about it, and keeping them up-to-date, gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my feelings and I don’t think they’ve changed; obviously I’m still concerned, but having it in the building hasn’t really changed things. At first I was thinking “Oh, shit!” but then learning that it was only one person (and that they are on a different floor) reassured me somewhat.