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I had my first COVID-19 vaccination

As is stated in the title, I had my first vaccination on Friday 29th of January. My GP came around 11am and gave the injection in my right arm. During day I was fine, and my arm didn’t hurt as expected; around 11pm that night, however, I started to feel very cold and was shivering whilst being under five blankets. I woke several times during the night and felt confusion as if I was half in a dream, and was still shivering.

When I woke properly around 8am, I was suddenly incredibly hot under all the blankets. After they were removed, I still felt hot an hour later so one of the carers took my observations; my blood pressure was pretty normal, but my heart rate was 128bpm and my temperature 39.5°C. An "Isolation" sign was put on my door and the door itself was closed.

I slept most of the day with my temperature hovering between 37 and 38°. My body ached awfully, as if I had the flu, but I was 99% sure this was all due to the vaccine and nothing more.

On Sunday I still felt tired, but my temperature had dropped and the aches had all but gone. By Monday I was fully back to normal.