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COVID-19 is back in the building

Thursday 28th January, 2021

On Friday 22nd a sign reading “Isolation” was posted on the door of the room opposite mine; I asked if the resident who lived there had tested positive for COVID-19 but I was informed that, due to patient confidentiality, I couldn’t be told.

Three days later, the management sent an email to resident’s families stating: “we have had a number of our residents who have tested positive to COVID-19.” Ignoring the hypocrisy of refusing to tell residents but then telling their families, this is obviously a cause for concern. I spoke to my brothers that evening, both of whom looked and sounded equally worried, and did my best to reassure them that the staff are taking every precaution and that I am being careful, too, avoiding unnecessary contact with staff and maintaining social distancing from other residents. The infected residents are kept in their rooms with the staff wearing full protective gowns when entering, along with the usual mask, visor, gloves and aprons.

I have issues with the current management, which I won’t go into here, but I do feel that we residents have been kept very safe during this madness. Staff have been wearing masks since the very first signs of the pandemic and are now every single staff member is tested daily, without exception.