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Speech therapy and noodles

Thursday 11th November, 2021

In a normal session, my speech therapy consists of me and the therapist, which used to be Kath but is now Olivia, sitting in the lounge and the pair of us doing a crossword, with the idea being that I project my voice to make myself heard clearly.

Not long after Olivia replaced Kath as my therapist, they were chatting about ideas to help me progress and one of them suggested having a therapy session somewhere noisier than just the lounge; they decided a restaurant was a good bet and chose Wagamama because they both like it and Kath knew that I do, too. So today, Sam gave the three of us a lift in the minibus to Gloucester Quays and we walked to the restaurant.

We ate first – I had the Shu’s “shiok” chicken and the smoked chocolate caramel cake – and then did a couple of crosswords. Not only was it great to get out for what is only the second time in around six months, the food was lovely, the conversation was entertaining, and the therapy session was as good as we’d hoped.