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I need a new wheelchair

Saturday 30th March, 2024

The time has come to start thinking about getting a new motorised wheelchair. My current one will be 10 years old in July and, while it still runs well, as I have looked after it, it isn’t really suitable as far as support goes. When first purchased, it was pretty good for me, but as my muscles have weakened and my body has deteriorated, it is starting to become uncomfortable sooner and sooner in the day.

I still have most of the money from my care funding refund, so the actual purchase won’t be an issue. I have a date booked for a visit from Balder’s representative and so will be discussing seating and leg support options. As a geek (and proud!), I am also looking forward to having a new gadget to play with. The Balder website states that the control unit has Bluetooth; I can’t wait to see what I can do when I get that!