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Sitting And Balancing Follow On

Today I had the cushion put back in once I'd been hoisted into my wheelchair and it was fine for a while but eventually, after about two hours, it was causing my right leg to ache somehow (remember that the cushion is on my left side). I asked someone to remove it and the ache eased a few minutes later. Continue reading →

Practising Sitting And Balancing

This afternoon I had a session in the gym with Adrienne, Sam and Aaron; Adrienne wanted to see how well I could balance and support myself sitting on the edge of a plinth (which is what they call the padded table in the gym). Sam was sat behind me on a huge ball holding my shoulders and stopping me from falling forward whilst Aaron was in front trying to stop me from leaning to my left; Adrienne was also in front supporting me as I really have no core strength! Continue reading →

Have I Accepted The Inevitable?

Chatting to Abid as he was helping me with breakfast, he noticed an icon on my phone home screen named “If I've Died” and he asked what it was; I explained that it's a text file containing all my wishes and related details needed should I die (my eldest brother has access to my phone). He went on to ask, apologising if he was being nosey beforehand, if I had accepted the possibility of it; I said that I think I have, with a bit more explanation. Continue reading →


I was born with FSH (facioscapulohumeral) muscular dystrophy but wasn't diagnosed until I was 12 years old; it has affected me almost my entire life and it will only ever get worse. And on that cheery note, welcome to my site.