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No more masks

The management at the neurological centre I live in gathered as many staff as they could in reception yesterday afternoon and announced that they no longer needed to wear a face mask whilst they are in the building. This prompted a huge cheer and most of them then removed their masks, which did make me wonder how sensible that was with so many people in one place, but, nevertheless, it was a happy moment.

During the rest of the day, and still today, I was surprised at how many people I had literally never seen their full face; it was almost like meeting them for the first time. I asked one guy to put his mask back on and when he gave me a half-quizzical, half-hurt look I said, “Because you're too damn good looking!” About half a dozen women nearby murmured in agreement.

On a serious note, this obviously increases the risks of COVID tearing through the building should an infected visitor or staff member enter the building, so I'm hoping against hope that this doesn't happen as I have managed to avoid catching it so far.

UPDATE: Nine days later masks were back on as several staff members and at least one resident tested positive for COVID-19.